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Learn how Accolution used Outpost to:

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  • Access all mailboxes with one login
  • Streamline client onboarding
  • Increase team efficiency
  • Gain more time to focus on client work

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Pricey CRM Software is overkill — Outpost works seamlessly with your existing email

Office 365








Your current email provider




One login to access every client mailbox

With Outpost, you’ll get full visibility into every client mailbox your team manages, all in one place. No more wasting time logging into multiple accounts or not knowing who’s taking care of what. With Outpost, emails never slip through the cracks and you’ll look professional every time.


Team collaboration increases efficiency

Assign email to teammates or work together on a draft response, all inside Outpost. Leave private internal notes and @mentions on emails for your team. Collision alerts prevent duplicate work. With Outpost, everyone can work in the same inbox—without stepping on each other’s toes.


Less time on email = more billable work

Outpost helps you reclaim time spent on busy work so you can focus on providing your services and growing your firm. With automatic email routing rules, your client email will be organized so you can respond faster than ever. Plus, you’ll be able to monitor your team’s performance with real-time analytics.



So easy, everyone on your team will love it

Outpost takes the pain out of managing client email so your whole firm can see everything in one place, respond quickly, focus on billable work, and provide excellent service.

  1. Save 10+ hours per week
    Outpost gets rid of the wasted time your team spends logging into multiple accounts or managing cluttered inboxes.

  2. No training required
    Your team will love that it looks and feels just like regular email, but with collaborative superpowers.

  3. It's safe and secure
    With Outpost, you can securely manage mailbox access and permissions for each team member.
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What are firms saying about Outpost?


Tiffany Kao

Owner - Veraccounts

"We wouldn't be able to operate without Outpost...Our favorite part is being able to write notes to discuss emails back without having to forward, copy + paste, forward, and re-forwarding emails to do the same. We simply love it."


Kathy Coffman

Owner - Coffman BizSolutions, Inc.

"I love that we have a single inbox to manage all our client emails as a team. We can communicate internally inside each email thread, assign emails to others, and tag to manage projects much more efficiently. We can also search for emails by tags which is very helpful when working on projects. Outpost has made it possible for us to efficiently manage our clients and projects as team, and made email management easier too!"


Dan Cadieux

Owner - Accolution

"The setup is fabulous. It’s just way easier when we set up a new client, we immediately add the email address into Outpost. We assign team members to it, and there’s no further thought to how that email address and that client is going to be managed. Outpost takes care of it for us. We all know how it works and move forward."

Confident Teamwork in an All-in-One Inbox

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