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  • What is a shared inbox?
  • How do you manage a shared inbox?
  • 10 pitfalls of using Gmail or Office 365
  • 7 shared inbox tools to consider

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With Outpost, everyone can work in the same inbox—without stepping on each other's toes


Delegate easily to make sure everyone knows who’s doing what.


Private notes

Share information privately with your team. Skip the FWDs and CCs.


Collision Alerts

See who’s writing a response so you can avoid duplicate replies.


Template Responses

Reply to customers in seconds with your saved template responses.



Assign, archive, or even send replies to emails—automatically.



Track your team’s email response times and improve together.


Get immediate results in 3 easy steps:

1. Create your account

Outpost works with the email you already have. Getting started is as simple as logging in. No IT required.

2. Start collaborating

Invite your team and start working together. There’s no learning curve, and you’ll love the difference.

3. Get 8+ hours of your time back every week

With an organized inbox and a collaborative team, you’ll find even more ways to save time and get more done.

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What are teams saying about Outpost?

EMR Vacation Rentals Saves 40 Hours a Month with Outpost

Blake Mackenzie

EMR Vacation Rentals

"With Outpost, we're looking at a good 40 hours per month that's been saved so we can focus on more important things."

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23ZERO Reduces Email Response Time to Less Than 20 Minutes with Outpost

Justin Dowey


"We've recommended Outpost to several other companies because I know we weren't the only ones with this problem. There are other teams out there that don't realize that there's a solution like Outpost."

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St. Vincent de Paul Gets Rid of Email Bottlenecks with Outpost

Ashely Hensley

St. Vincent de Paul Society

"Being able to have multiple people access one inbox and keep things moving along has been huge for our nonprofit—it literally saves lives."

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Confidently collaborate with your team in a shared inbox

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