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The Best Shared Inbox App for Teams

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Keep up with customer emails, even while on the go

With this Outpost companion app, your team can manage your info@ or support@ inboxes, without sharing passwords or stepping on each other’s toes. Outpost is simple, because shared email should be. Team up on email, stay organized, and take better care of your customers.

To get started, first make sure you have an Outpost account:

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iOS & Android

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An Email Management App That's Easy to Use

"The ease of use for my email team is top notch! The design of it enables the team to navigate it quickly while handling many different types of email. In addition, the simplicity of creating templates helped us switch over to Outpost very quickly."

- Suzy P., Customer Care Specialist

Outpost's Team Email App Features:

Manage everything in one place

Access shared mailboxes without switching apps. Works with Gmail, Office 365, and other mail providers.


Understand who's doing what

Delegate new messages to team members so everyone can focus on what's important.


Collaborate seamlessly

Share important information with team members without leaving your inbox or cluttering your email thread.


Reply 10x faster

Use customizable, saved template responses to reply to customer emails in seconds.


Stay organized

Filter your inbox by tags so your team can avoid confusion and be more efficient.


Search all mailboxes

Find the exact email conversation you're looking for, no matter what mailbox it's in.

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