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Skip the hassle of Office 365's shared mailbox

An Office 365 shared mailbox is a type of group in Office 365 that lets multiple team members receive and send mail from one email address, like info@ or support@. A shared mailbox certainly has the promise of collaboration, but will it really meet your team's needs?

As a team leader, you want your team to be highly productive when replying to customer emails, without getting bogged down by a messy inbox or losing important messages. 

We've analyzed the pros and cons of an Office 365 shared mailbox, and while it does have some benefits, your team would be better off with a simple and truly collaborative email tool like Outpost.

The Pros and Cons of an Office 365 shared mailbox:

Pros: Cons:
  • Shared access to the same inbox
  • Send email from a generic address (e.g. info@)
  • Shared access to saved contacts
  • Shared access to the same calendar
  • No assignments or delegation
  • No internal notes or comments
  • No saved template responses
  • No analytics & response time reporting

The problem with an Office 365 shared mailbox is that it's not truly collaborative. Your team can still step on each other's toes while replying to customer emails. There's no way to see who's responsible for each message, and you can't track how fast your team is responding. Plus, the constant back and forth to make sure your team is well-coordinated in the same inbox means you're not saving any time. Email shouldn't be this hard or this complicated. With Outpost, email is easy.

An alternative to Office 365 shared mailboxes

Our team had the same problem with email—that's why we built Outpost. The great news is that Outpost works easily with your current Office 365 setup. You can create a traditional Office 365 email address for info@ or support@ and, rather than setting it up as a shared mailbox, connect it directly to Outpost—no IT required.

Setting up Outpost is seamless, and your team will see results immediately:

  1. Get up and running easily
    Connecting your Office 365 mailboxes is as simple as logging in. With your mailboxes connected, you can invite anyone on your team to join you.

  2. Start collaborating
    With assignments, notes, templates, collision alerts and more, everyone can work in the same inbox—without stepping on each other's toes.

  3. Save even more time
    Once your team is collaborating, you'll find even more ways to save time on email: tags, automated rules, saved template responses, and real-time response time analytics.
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Our "No B.S." Commitment

We built Outpost to do one thing really well: email for teams. We're committed to making a really great product, but if it's not the right fit for you, that's OK. You can trust our "No B.S." Commitment:

  1. Start for free
    Make sure Outpost works for you by trying it for free. No credit card required.

  2. We'll help every step of the way
    You'll have a dedicated customer success guide to help answer any questions you have.

  3. You're not just a number
    We actively seek feedback from our customers, and love to share it with our team. 

  4. We'll be honest, transparent, and genuine
    We're not pushy sales people. We won't badger you, and we'll respond when you reach out to us.
    If Outpost makes you happy, then we're happy.